Why we read matrix in that way?

When we have to read a NxN matrix stored in memory with a programming language, we normally use two loops, one inside other. First to read rows, and second to read columns of such row. Why we do that?
The reason is in the memory management of the operating system of our computer.

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Algorithm could solve traffic jams

Traffic jams could be solved thanks to a system investigated by Hyun Keun and Beorn Jun Kim of the University of Seoul, South Korea.

The behaviour of vehicles can be modelled with mathematical models and traffic jams answer to three patterns, basically:

1. Low traffic density, vehicles go with the maximun speed.

2. High traffic density, vehicles go with low speed but no stop.

3. Traffic density is so high, vehicles stop.

We can see that exists a umbral value, traffic density higher than it implies vehicles to stop.

The objetive is to control this traffic value, vehicles density must be under it. We should control behaviour of vehicles that participate or are going to participate in the traffic jam.

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— Are you bigger than me? — asked N to Z

I’ve always had in my head the question: what is more “infinite”, the infinity of natural numbers or the infinity of integer numbers?

The concept of infinity is both magical and dangerous, it’s confused, we have heard and used this concept since basic education without caution, simply we have used it.

If you ask somebody, everybody will tell you that integer numbers are infinite, that there are infinity numbers, people use the word “infinity” when they are talking about numbers, I wanna go ahead, what’s the meaning of “there are infinity numbers”?

Maybe sometimes everybody have asked himself the question I started this post with, there are more integer numbers than natural numbers?, or clearly, is the set of integer numbers bigger than the set of natural numbers? Maybe the question sounds stupid, it could be true, What a nonsense, numbers are infinite! or natural numbers are a type of integer numbers, obviously there are more integer numbers than naturals!

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